Welcome to the first ever installment of Timeline Tuesday! In today’s edit-breakdown we’re taking a look at the latest Porsche 718 Slalom Record film.

As you can see the edit itself is pretty straight forward with a few fun tricks up its sleeve. You may notice the two dynamic linked compositions found within the timeline. Let’s start there.

Cone Replacement, Made Easy!

While the car did actually hit one of the cones it simply wasn’t dramatic enough for the film. Here you see all we’ve done is rotoscope the existing cone, enlarge it and track it in place of the old one. Simple!

Back to the edit. You’ll see the large amount of sound design that went into this piece. Nearly all of the sound was replaced with the exception of some various NAT sounds captured on the in-camera mic of the S1H and FS7. Most of the vehicle sounds themselves came courtesy of Porsche’s extensive sound library. They’ve done an absolutely fantastic job capturing and organizing various sounds from their line-up. This made our job quite simple as it was just a matter of choosing from the library of 718 Boxster sounds.

The Full Timeline

All-in-all this was a pretty straightforward, simple edit. It was completed and delivered to the client on time and well within budget. We can’t wait for the next one!

Be sure to check the project out on our website. Click here to see it in full.

Programs utilized in this production,

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC2019
  • Adobe After Effects CC2019
  • DaVinci Resolve Studio
  • NeatVideo Noise Reduction

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